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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Heaven is a place on earth...

Sorry about the cheap Belinda Carlisle reference there in the title, but her new book is out, and full of filth, so why not slap a trending subject in this post, you know, increase traffic a little. Tonight is Game #1 of the Lakers-Celtics NBA Finals and that's close to heaven for me. A Tigers World Series would be the exact definition of Heaven, and a Michigan National Championship in football would be at the very least heavenly, and I'd be much more than ecstatic with a New York Knicks championship too. Anyway, I digress, tonight's Lakers-Celtics match-up is a beauty distraction.

Sometimes I think Zoey will look at her Dad and shake her head...he's no Bill Simmons but the pop culture references, almost obscene sporting obsessions, and just plain old stupid analogies and pointless conjecture, make him something of an embarrassment. Especially when you consider how unapologetically he mixes all that up within a blog for his daughter. Awful...just awful. Even worse when you consider how frequently he refers to himself in the third person.

Regardless, he loves his daughter...he loves the Lakers playing for the NBA Championship, and he loves referring to himself in the third person...He likes Belinda Carlisle too. Someday Zoey is going to read all of this and her one eyebrow will raise in curiosity (thanks Daddy) as she struggles to make sense of weird Belinda Carlisle references and confusing sporting allegiances and affections. In the end, however, I think she'll think it's sweet...I hope.

I also hope that she hates the Celtics more than some communicable diseases, and chooses her boyfriends based on their sporting allegiances. I'd be happy with that.


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