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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Good Morning Sunday...and Mom

Zo in the morning is a gift. She almost never wakes super early, usually 7:30pm or 8pm or later...She gets busy enjoying her day without any trouble, changed diaper, clothes, bottle, breakfast, Dad's goodbye during the week...and she handles it all with a kind of Joe Average nobility. She's a soft and sweet dream in the morning, like sweet, creamy coffee. You couldn't help but think that she's the best thing goin' if you met her in the morning...most of the day, really, but especially in the morning.

Weekends are no different. Sometimes Saturdays are, of course, as she has slept at Grandad and Baachan's house on Friday night, but Sunday mornings are more gentle even than the other five or six. Zoey eases into the day with both of her parents. Typically during the week, June is gone and off to work before Zo budges. On Sunday's Zedder takes her time waking up, and then swims in her Mom's company for as long as she can. It's never such a problem as to make getting our own day started all that difficult, but she does love her Mom on Sundays.

In our house Sundays are made for baseball games or Zoos, for getting gone, or for staying put, depending on the way we feel. Sundays are a day of rest for sure, just our kind of rest. Now we'd better get this one started. I can hear Zedder rustling around, and I think Mom's ready to be worshipped for a few hours. Good morning Sunday...let's find something fun to do.


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