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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Everything's better with Zed...

Zedder makes everything, well, mostly everything, more fun. I'd have never imagined liking a visit to the animal farm, but I do. It's actually kind of relaxing. Some days are better tackled quietly, and the animal farm is pretty damn quiet. Of course, I never quite imagined myself doing yard work in the form of gardening, weeding, etc...awful etc...but when you do it with's not so bad. Especially when Zo turns it into a gongshow...I like her style of yardwork, it's just a filthfest disguised as work.

It's weird the things you start to enjoy avec child -- I like coloring, I like going for walks, I like playing in the sand -- and it's both heart-warming and confusing. Maybe it's a reminder that you're aging, or maybe it's just that eons old family way thing taking over, but there are plenty of things that I'd rather do now than be a drunken pile, or a look-at-me thrill seeker. I just want to smile a lot and feel good. Zo makes that easy.

Sure, we still do quite a lot...ball games, trips, concerts, etc...but we do things a lot differently now. Like, a few short years ago you might have caught me chillin' at home on a Sunday but it wouldn't be playing in the garden, pulling out weeds, and digging things up. Zo makes that kinda fun. You can call it weird but you'll never say that I didn't soak my daughter up every chance I got.

We could have been at the Pirates game today...could have been doing any number of things but instead we took our time getting up and at it, then we wandered over to the park, the animal farm, and then while Zo slept June and I walked around for a few hours...that's right, just walked. There are worse ways to spend a Sunday. I don't miss being hungover, broke, or not very where I'm at. That last one was a joke. I always remembered where I woke up. I wasn't always proud of it, but I always knew where I was.

We'll delete that last part before Zo ever gets her hands on this. I needed something to balance out that lame gardening stuff.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh god zoey most of had a messy bath that night! geez! ave

June 17, 2010 at 10:56 PM  

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