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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Comparing Mom to Kobe Bryant (minus the disdain)

See these two...inseparable. By the time June gets home from work at night Zoey is more than ready to absorb three or four or more hours of Mom. Sure, Dad can sneak in there and craft out a moment or two, but Mom is the franchise at that point. If we were the LA Lakers Mom would be Kobe and Dad would be Derek Fisher, and that's cool, 'cause Fish comes up big every now and again, and mostly when it counts, but Mom is who the plays are drawn up for during time outs.

Lately Zo has been doing her best to keep Mom from having a life of her own. At bedtime she's learned to milk it and keep Mom under her direct supervision for as long as possible, which means not falling asleep until way after 9pm...not cool. I think Daddy's gonna have to interject, maybe put Zoey in a headlock long enough for Mom to sneak away, then submit myself to the torture of not being Mom while Zoey rips her hair out and breaks into hives. Sounds like a fun Wednesday night. I'd better make my day amazing 'cause tonight I think I'll be throwing myself on the sword.

Damn Mother-Daughter's stronger than Willie Horton's grip on a bat.


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