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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Zedder makes a trip to Hotel Funk

After $1600 dollars worth of work on the Jeep that bad fella was gonna get used, so we loaded up early Saturday morning and headed up the 401 for Woodstock. We went to visit our good friends Dustin and Kelly, also known as D-Funk and the future Mrs. Funk. We like them very much. This is partly why...

We decided that we would just light out and end up wherever, with a fo sho stop in Woodstock. We'd organize the day around Zed's nap so that we could enjoy it a little, rather than just dragging a kid around Southwestern Ontario. We didn't stay long at Hotel Funk, maybe a couple of hours at best, but we made the trip and soaked up some of those good, good vibes that Dustin and Kelly steam in. All the trip really did in the end was make us wish we lived closer to them.

We mostly just sat in the backyard sun and re-connected after months and months of missing out. Zo was fairly pre-occupied with Dustin and Kelly's dogs, Hank and Heidi, with coloring their patio set, and wandering around the yard, while Dad was busy breaking stuff. Before we knew it Kelly came bounding out the backdoor with an unexpected gift for the Zed (that's how damn sweet these funsters are) which she promptly tore into to discover am inflatable frog pool, and a frog book! Well, a toad book, but she doesn't know the difference. They're both green, good enough. Needless to say, Zoey likes Dustin and Kelly's house. She likes the dogs, she likes the backyard, and I'll bet that she thinks it's a present factory from now on.

It was way too short of a visit, not unlike our Record Store Day connection, but any visit is good. It wore Zedder out, and she was asleep four minutes after we left. We wish we had friends like that closer. They're just two of the most genuine people we know.


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