Monday, May 24, 2010

Wasting Away Again...

Zedder being all princess-like at Stu and Anne's house...dirty backyard princess-like I mean

You only get so many long weekends in your life and reaching the end of one you shouldn't feel as though you were frivolous with it. It feels like we didn't give this one our best shot...

It started with a quiet Friday...

It got off to a slow, but mucho pleasant start on Saturday with a visit to see friends...

It jumped out of the gym and slammed one home on Sunday with a trip to the zoo (even if we did unfortunately forget that the Bergquists are only a short drive away and could have met us).

It crawled back into it's cave on Monday with June and Zo gone visiting while I tried to accomplish both rest and lawn work in the same five hour span...

It died Monday evening with a failed attempt to enjoy any kind of company since almost everyone we know locally must have access to better beachfront than what we are fortunate enough to have here in our backyard 'cause long weekends can come and go on this beautiful stretch of Lake Huron without the phone so much as ringing. Chalk that one up to everyone having kids of their own etc...nauseating and completely untruthful etc...

So as we watch the Celtics (which undeniably frustrates us even more) and Magic elbow each other into the dark, desperate depths of a Game #4 we're much more than ready to put this weekend to bed and get started on another one. That's right...goodbye May 2-4...get here quick May 29th. We won't waste another weekend ever...I promise.

Waste? But you visited friends, got to go to the zoo, etc...Yup, but we were supposed to be doing at least a half dozen other things that somehow got derailed.

We were talking about flying out to LA to see the Tigers and Dodgers...didn't.

We discussed shooting down to Orlando for some fun and a bit of a spending spree for June's sartorial sanity...didn't.

We thought maybe we'd just settle for Cleveland and an Indians game...nope, didn't do that either.

Instead of all those things I cut all 5 billion acres of our lawn, uphill in every direction it seems, and didn't spend near as much time soaking up Zed as I thought I might.

We got a a lot of pictures though, and I started reading James A. Michener's "Tales of the South Pacific," which I've always wanted to tackle. The torture-fest that is cutting this lawn is over, for at least one more week, and I didn't kill myself doing it, although nearly.

I'm certainly gonna teach next weekend who's boss, the hell out. Until then...look at this picture and smile. I did.


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