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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Something like a phenomenon...

I would very much like to live here...with San Francisco just over those hills, and the ocean close enough that you might swear you can smell it on windy days...with wildflowers in the spring, and blue skies all year. I would like that very much.

I would like a buddy like Nate Pope as well. Of course he'd drive past my front porch in a cloud of dirt road dust with Love Child blaring on his factory car stereo...the speakers crackling above the awkward howl and crack of his voice. I'll take a Doc Brunder too, to play chess with, to feel an affinity for. Of course I'd have June, and I don't particularly want to find myself with a rather large and life threatening brain tumor, but all the rest of that stuff would be alright by me. I won't be growing a garden either, but I would gladly buy all of June's chairs, whatever those might be.

Is it wrong to want to live in a movie?

BTW...sorry about that awful LL Cool J title...poor, poor taste indeed.


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