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Monday, May 17, 2010

Pictures of you...and me

I just found this photo of June and I, pre-Zoey, but just barely. It struck me as cute, and naturally, pictures that include me rarely strike me as cute, anything but cute. Look at the glow on that delightfully pregnant, half-Japanese girl. It helps add clarity to the definition of radiant.

We really aren't that much different than we were pre-Zed. I suppose that we pay a lot more attention to things these days, and we are certainly more focused on what's next instead of just what's happening right now, but for the most part we're still the people you see here...sweet and relatively harmless idiots of the most admirable intentions.

It's funny to wander back through photos and see years pass in what feels like seconds. We look soooo young in some of the this one...and this one...and this one, and this one too (one of my all time favorites ever). In so many of them we look just like the babies our parents watched grow. Now we've got one of our own.

Muted and humble Wow.


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