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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Night at the Ballpark...without Curtis or Ernie

June and I slipped off to the ballpark tonight for the opening game of the Yankees series, the only time the Bombers are in Detroit all season. It was supposed to be Granderson's return to Comerica but he's on the DL and so a disappointed June had to suffer through not seeing her "Tiger," even if he is wearing pinstripes now.

It was still a special night, as they raised a flag for Ernie Harwell, and there was a nice tribute before the game. The Tigers even pulled in Jose Feliciano to sing the same National Anthem as he did, so scandalously in 1968 when Ernie hired him to usher in one of the World Series home games. It was a nice night. With 34, 000 in attendance and a Tigers win June hardly even noticed that she was missing her daughter...That's a total lie. She noticed plenty.


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