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Friday, May 28, 2010

Musical Interlude...

Tonight is a music night, and it starts with Jimi Hendrix's "Peace in Mississippi" whole minutes of assertive and downright pushy awesome. There's Starbucks instead of Stella, and the Zed is sleeping peacefully with the sound of waves whisking her off to someplace sweet. We've got Jimi doing something similar except waaaay more dirty feeling. How can six strings make you feel so pleasantly debaucherous? I dunno, but they can.

I spent over $1,600 on the car this afternoon so tonight I'm grabbing music to ease the burden...stealing it, buying it, perusing it in hopes of doing either one or the other if I fancy the notion. Which brings to mind the fact that I love using the term "fancy" kills me.

So I intend to keep a running live-blog of what I run aground of this evening, for your browsing pleasure, and Johnny Teetartarsauce's amorous amusement.

The date is Friday May 28th and this is the music that goes with it...

Peace in Mississippi - Jimi Hendrix...Saw it released on iTunes for a measely $1.26...bought it, then picked myself up off of the ground. Holy mother of expletives. Find it, buy it, or you'll die having denied yourself the joy of drowning in this puddle of pleasure.

I stole For Annabelle by Band of Horses. You could call it downloading if that helps you live with yourself, but either way I didn't pay for it. Band of Horses is one of my most favorite, favorite bands. The Seattle band sound like todays much cooler version of an already really cool 1965 Beach Boys, except without the lunatic songwriter and no drownings or sun soaked beach I guess not like the Beach Boys at all.

SInce I was already in a stealing mood I pinched a good number of Long Beach Shortbus songs. Do yourself the oh-so generous favor and do something similar. Mash up the best of Phish, with some old school ska, and a Venti Pike Place, and then add some My Morning Jacket to taste and you've got yourself a piping hot cup of Longbeach Shortbus. If you truly loved yourself you'd have these guys on your embarrassingly grown-up and neglected playlist. Feel twenty again and download this @#$%.

I like Pop music...I do, and if you don't then you're a liar 'cause everyone likes Pop music...not everyone admits it, but everyone likes it. Like you've never been to the fair and felt desperate for the cotton candy? Same thing. Find John Mayer's "Half of my Heart," and download it. Yeah, don't buy it. Steal that bugger as a protest against all of those stupid faces that Mayer makes and also in retrospect for all those Enquirer headlines we had to read standing in line at the grocery store when he was busy dating Jennifer Anniston instead of making good music.

I stole me some of that B.o.B. single "Airplanes" featuring Haley Williams from Paramore 'cause the chorus makes it sound sweet even though it's half hip hop crap crap. If Hayley didn't sing on this song it would suck the mustard, but she does so it's worth thieving.

Buy Bob Dylan's Forever Young, and turn all the lights off, grab your favorite warm body and sit and smile together. It'll be the best $1.29 that you ever spent.

LeAnn Rimes Some People is just nice...that's all. I don't even like this newest incarnation of country music, but I like this.

I slipped over to iTunes and bought "It's a Good Life If You Don't Weaken," Live at the House of Blues, California 2002, by every Canadian's favorite I can't remember which time it was that I saw them, band, The Tragically Hip. It was 99 cents and since every song by The Hip was at one point in your True North, Proud and Free life considered invaluable, well, easy purchase. I forget how amazing of a band those guys from Kingston can be, and oh-so often were.

Not only is Pomplamoose just about the greatest band name ever (for our American and Japanese friends the name translates in French to Grapefruit) but they're a pretty awesome band. You can get their three song EP 3 New Songs Woot! at iTunes for $2.97. What the #@$% are you waiting for?

Uhmmm, Jay Malinowski is bloody great, and if you don't know that for yourself then I just told you. Buy Bright Lights & Bruises or die trying. That might be a bit of an exaggeration but it's no less important to me that you buy this record.

I think I'm going to end my night with Matthew Barber's latest album, True Believer. You can stay up as long as you like though.


Blogger John Teeter said...

If you like Jay, ska and summer songs… Then check out his full time band Bedouin Soundclash.

And Matthew Braber… hands down that album is one of my favourite this year. True Believer is my favourite on this album. But, also check out the song "Easily Bruised" from his previous album.

You realize, this reminds me I need to shore up the music for that iPod of yours.

May 29, 2010 at 8:07 AM  
Blogger Brian DeWagner said...

I totally forgot about the iPod...whoa, nice memory.

June's a big fan of Bedouin but I wasn't so much...liked 'em but I wasn't a slave to their groove. That Barber album though is awesome, and hilariously enough, "Easily Bruised" is in my Top 5 right now, and likely will be for awhile.

May 29, 2010 at 7:23 PM  

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