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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good Morning Weary Wide World...

Mom and Zo waking up the usual way

Mornings used to be a lot a lot harder to greet. I used to struggle with the notion of crawling out of bed...just a few more minutes of sleep, another hour maybe, and I'd be ready to face whatever the day had intentions of hurling my way. Not now, these days I sneak out from under the covers with a relative ease. That's because you can be nearly 100% sure that Zo is going to be giggling and smiling first thing, before she even gets out of her crib. I've never seen a happier morning person than the Zedder.

Zo sleeps with a lot of her stuffed animals, and her Peter Rabbit book, and we'll often catch her talking to her friends or reading from her book aloud. It doesn't matter than nine times out of ten her book is upside down, or that the room could still be dark...there she is, reading to al of her attentive friends. Lately the crowd has consisted to Mo Keefe, Georgia, Lily, cat, and Mathilda...always Mathilda, but it varies according to her bedtime preferences. She's a funny kid.

More recently, there's been a lot of times where Zed isn't even awake when we leave the house, it's just Grandma chillin' in hte kitchen, enjoying some springtime beach smells and sunrise views until Zo decides to bless the world with her never ending smile..and that's what it is. See for yourself...happiest kid alive at 7am.

BTW...those eyes disappear like that every time Zed smiles. She smiles so big that there's almost no room for her eyes to stay open...that's pretty big.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Omg. dose she always wake up like this. What a cutie

May 12, 2010 at 5:36 PM  

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