The Zoey Blog: Friday Night Baseball and the Red Sox are in Town! FINAL - COVER UNIVERSE EXPLORERS ORDER

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Night Baseball and the Red Sox are in Town!

Headed to Comerica Park to take in the first of three games versus the Red Sox...makes me giddy. Whenever the Sox come to town I get anxious and jittery and ball park obsessed. It started early in life when little league aligned me with the Red Sox, and the affection grew through lean years...Jim Rice, Oil Can Boyd, Ellis Burks, etc...then came Roger Clemens, and then forward into my inexplicable affection for Lou Merloni, and then championships in 2004 and 2007. Since I was a kid I bubbled with excitement at the notion that "The Sox" were in town. I loved my Tigers but I loved them Sox too.

Tonight is kinda, sorta Brian heaven...except Jacoby Ellsbury isn't in the line-up. But Johnny Damon is sporting the Old English D on his chest and that should make for some fun.

Zoey is headed to Baachan and Grandad's for the usual Friday night Camp Partridge experience. Like I said once before, I'm trying not to brainwash her too much, and the last thing that she needs to see is her Dad in the middle of a Tigers-Red Sox series. I'd spend a lifetime unravelling her from the confusion.


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