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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The definition of sweet...

Just in case you lost your Mirriam-Websters Dictionary and needed a refresher on the word "sweet" you go.

Zedder taking a 12 second rest from her zoo playing.

These pics were taken on our zoo visit last weekend, and as if the mini-adventure wasn't enough all on it's own, Zo provided us with some excruciatingly sweet photos.

Zo and Dad affectionating (brand new word) at the Detroit Zoo.

We've been waiting months and months for that time when Zo will finally start to just simply choose to chill on her own, to offer an unsolicited hug or kiss, or even just a lean. I kept asking June when it might be that she'll choose to lay down with one of us just for a rest, or because she was tired, or just to be close. She typically hasn't been that little girl. She's affectionate...super affectionate, in fact, and a very loving girl, but she just never seems to stop. She's like a little shark swimming just to stay alive. Recently she's been more inclined to crawl up on one of us and just sit or to find Dad's back and lay down. It's better than Christmas.

Zedder is starting to find some solace in laying on Daddy's

I can't believe how fast she's growing, not in months or years, or even just in size, but in the little intricacies of her development...personality, language, thought, and's mesmerizing, what she says and does on a daily basis. Sometimes you forget that every little nuance of their character and personality is given birth, affirmation, or shaping from us. Her laugh will come from us, and certainly how quick she is to laugh. Her posture and gait, and the way that she sits and waits, or stands and stares...those things will all be partially influenced by us. It's daunting to imagine the parts of her personality that will be born of our influence...the affection that she openly shows, the appreciation of things, or the frequency with which she takes things for granted...all of those things will come from us. So right now, when Zo lays her head so sweetly on her Mom's shoulders, or sprawls comfortably on my back, it's more than just a physical gesture. Those are moments of trust and love and a desire to connect and in a lot of ways communicate. Kind of the ultimate definition of sweet, don't you think?


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