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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beach vs. Tigers game...beach wins

My day started with coffee and a picnic table full of sketchbooks and shrouded in shade. Zo and I got our draw on with a lake view and waited for Stu, Anne, Liam, and Mason to slip on by for an afternoon of run-of-the-mill beach apathy and laziness. We were supposed to be at the Tigers game today but the sky was far too blue, and the temps way too high. We never wandered much further than our own yard.

Sometimes it's still hard to believe that we have this backyard. We've gotten so that we feel guilty if we're not out soaking up all this amazingness. So we try to sponge it up as best as we can. It's much nicer when we have company but we've gotten used to enjoying it solo. Having Stu and Anne down, who are busy with 5 month old Mason, for a Sunday afternoon of nothing much was a weekend maker. It's like cottaging with friends except we live here.

We spent all day on the beach, only slipping back up the hill for dinner, bare ass bunny watching, sidewalk pooping (Zoey) and an uber-tired Mason mini-freak out. Aside from that nonsense we spent almost every second with sand between our toes. Not a bad way to watch the weekend fade away.

Zo and Liam were fast friends, although Liam has a little more energy than Zo is used to. Watching her play with Liam this afternoon it was apparent just how laid back and easy peasy this little girl is. She really is a bit of a people watcher, cautious and kind, not shy, or afraid, but easy going and pretty chill...unless, of course, there are bunnies involved...

It was a beauty day of sun and sand...probably less relaxing than Stu and Anne would have liked with a fidgety and upset Mason but still, a nice day of nothing. We didn't miss the Tigers game at all, not even one little bit.


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