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Monday, April 12, 2010

Zedder Approximately...I don't know what that means

Cool sounding title...I don't know what it means. I really just wanted to post this awesome pic of Zedder...and maybe link you to this awesome song.

There really isn't much to say, except that maybe Zoey likes it when Dad sings, Crazy by Patsy Cline now. She also likes it when Mom or Dad chase her around the house. She likes to sit at the head of Grandma's bed, on the pillows, and sing to herself. She rather enjoys playing Frog in a Bucket, which I'll, naturally, explain later...and she's speaking even more clearly over the past two days. It's crazy, all this child development stuff.

On a less relevant note I'm thinking that NY in May sounds most appropriate...also, we can't decide whether this weekend calls for the Michigan Football Spring game or a trip to Wrigley Field, since we can't seem to find another weekend all summer to get our keisters to Wrigley.

Also...I'd like someone I know to get married soon so that I can have a really fun party to go to...Serree and Mike don't get married until August, and Dustin and Kelly don't do that same deed until October. I want to frolic under a rented tent and pretend like dressing up nice makes me classier when it really doesn' just makes me dressed up nicer.

Anyway...the links were a popular thing so if you need something to distract you tonight, or perhaps some cereal and coffee fun tomorrow you go:

I would like this chess set but it's sold out...Pirates vs. Ninjas...Who wouldn't want this chess set!?

See this girl's tattoo? Yeah, best thing ever...

How's this for advice? I could use some more advice from Miss Diablo Cody I think.

Rooftop movies! I wanna do that!

I think I'd like to spend a weekend exploring ghost towns...yup, me & June and some old ghosts.

This looks like the kind of easy good time I'd like to enjoy this weekend...but won't. Somebody get married.

Uhmmm, so I'm a pretty big fan of sun freckles...also of sun freckles and butterflies. Yup, a very big fan.

I'd like to hang out with these dudes.

I like this picture...that's all.

I would like this to be my May 24th weekend I think, only in color, you know, who needs a black and white weekend?

I need to read this book...and will. I'm buying it this week. Pro-active is what they call that, I think.

One of these weekends I'm doing this. It's way better than buying the world a Coke.

I think I'm going to go see this guy this weekend to talk about getting more work done. I think he's got a year's waiting list so there's lots of time to change my mind. Of course, if this girl was a little closer than the UK I'd be going to see her.

This Vanity Fair article is amazing. When I was younger I worshipped Peter Beard, now, not so much. Crazy intriguing still...and in the end doesn't that really count as an odd form of some weird altar at least?

Okay...I'm tired now, and I'm going to bed. G'night...


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