Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tramps Like Us...

I gotta have this album...and this one too. You know, for Zoey...not for me. She'd love them. Okay I would love them, but who cares who it is that actually loves them, so long as they're loved. Wait, that sounds way too Berkeley 1967. Sorry...

ME...I...would love to own this record. How can you go wrong? Sesame Street...good. Springsteen...good. An actual vinyl LP...gooood. How could I possibly not spend the loot on that bugger?

I stumbled into the record while looking for my long lost and beloved My Name is Roosevelt Franklin" LP. It was my favorite record when I was a kid. I wore the damn thing out. I think I lost the flimsy interior record sleeve. I know for a fact that I tore the edges of the actual cardboard record jacket. It didn't take long before the album was just sitting on the turntable, unable to find a place to call home because I'd ruined it. That memory might be a little exaggerated but my love of Roosevelt Franklin was not. I couldn't get enough of Roosevelt Franklin.

Why am I saying Roosevelt Franklin's entire name every time I mention him? Because that's what you do when you make reference to Roosevelt Franklin. If you're not familiar with one of Sesame Street's greatest characters ever then check more of him out here...and here too. He's maybe the best ever, or at least I thought he was until I saw Ernie and Bert doing their best Born to Run pose.


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