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Friday, April 16, 2010

'Tis the weekend, so here's some random schtuff...

I think I'm the only person on the continent who isn't flying West for Coachella this weekend. It's depressing...but I fully intend on rallying and doing something cool...or maybe not.

In an effort to get my weekend started off right I scooted out at lunch today and bought a copy of Leonard Cohen, Live at the Isle of Wight 1970...the CD/DVD combo. It's got me tickled in something of a pink hue, but you might prefer some Ratt(KB)? You know, to each his own.

In the meantime, check out all this junk and get busy enjoying your weekend. I'll see you 'round fo sho.

Death looks like this...well, the heaven part, anyway.

I think my baby's butt needs these. These too.

A new project for Grandad, that way when Zoey falls and hits her head it's on some Shakespeare.

This woman is #@%&ing incredible.

This photo of Shirley MacLaine and her daughter, Sachi Parker is awesome! BTW...Sachi Parker? How incredible a name is that!

Hmmm, this stuff makes sense.

I think I'd like to do this for the weekend.

This Dad is frikkin' mad crafty...kinda makes me wanna puke. It totally makes me wanna puke.

That's it....I can't type any more while I'm gagging.


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