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Friday, April 30, 2010

Talk, talk, talk etc...

So far it's Backyardigans, Sesame Street and hockey that mesmerize Zoey.

Zedder can talk, which is of no surprise to anyone, but she's really starting to toss out words, and word combos, that's leaving us occasionally dumbfounded. SHe talks more than Mickey Redmond these days, which is a lot. She's mastered all of her favorites and over the past week has doubled or even tripled her vocabulary. Every time we allow our attention to stray she pulls us back with a random word. Just yesterday she said, "I know," which had us rolling with laughter, followed a short time later with, "don't do that" which was so astounding that I forgot to laugh but instead rebutted with a surprised, "huh?" She's quickly learning sentence structure, which is hilarious considering she often has no idea of the impact or meaning of her words.

She's even saying her own name finally, which we thought might never happen. We were beginning to consider a bunch of new names for her. My vote was for Shredder, but June quickly vetoed it.

I'm still completely baffled this child's predilection for talking"hockey." She did it again just the other day...she pointed at the TV, looked at me and proudly said, "hockey," which is both pride swelling and frightening because I was hoping not to watch her grow up in a rink like I did. Of course, if she makes the Olympic team all will be forgiven, but if Dad ends up in hockey arenas two hours from home on random Wednesday nights at 9:30 pm he's gonna be a smidgeon upset. Aunt Serree will be as pleased as punch, but Dad will not.

My prediction is she wants to be a goalie. $#&%!


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