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Monday, April 26, 2010

Selfish Monday, not to be confused with Shellfish Monday

Monday mornings need inspiration. They're tough. This morning I woke to find myself in quite possibly the most comfortable position in history, with perhaps the softest pillow ever. I had a song in my head (Good Tyme by Stew) and the clock wasn't forcing me into any rash decisions. I lingered. I lingered much longer than I should have. Even Zo was accomodating. I could hear her little snore from the next room. Today I was supposed to stay in bed a little longer. At least that's what the great Gods of Selfishness said.

Zed was still asleep when I left. That usually bums me out but today it felt good to know that someone was getting all that extra sleep.

I drove to work trying to think of something extraordinarily fun to do today but I was kinda stumped. You shouldn't be stumped when you're thinking of fun things to distract yourself with. That's a bad sign. Fun things shold fall out of trees and land on your head, like Newtonian apples. Sorry, I just felt like saying "Newtonian apples," because it seemed so random.

So while I wait for inspiration to come to me, I'll chuck you a link or two...Let's call this my selfish Monday list. I want all this junk...

I want this shirt that makes Chris Isaak look cooler than I ever could.

I think that I would like this jacket too.

...and this awesome hat.

I would like to have this record.

I could stand a ticket to this show, thank you very much.

I would very much enjoy owning this.

I would like to go to this festival.

This would be nice to own.

As would this pricey little number.

I would be very enamored of this beauty to carry all my not-so important things in.

I'd be very happy to enjoy this over and over again.

This would get good use.

I would like to own this in the black... Yeah, I would.

One of these would be cool.

I neglected to order this with my most recent purchase. This too.

That's all. I don't want seem greedy.


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