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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Read this or you're not allowed to talk to me anymore...

I can't get enough of this woman's blog. I love it. I just keep reading and reading until I feel as though I'm peeking out the window at my neighbors backyard party, then I stop. THen I wake up the next day and do it again. But it's comforting to know why I do...

I'm helplessly attracted to honesty. I all of it's confusing versions and every biased manifestation (sorry for using a word like that so early), hopelessly pulled in towards it like a bug to one of those awful zapping purple light things from when we were kids...Zzzzt.

It's never rang more true for me then it has after I became a parent, that you have to get good at being you, and then give that gift to everyone around and watch and see what happens. If we're lucky we discover ourselves, banish our old falsnessessess (that should really be a real word) and get down to wowing the world. There's absolutely nothing cooler than the peeled banana version of ourselves.

Anyway, I love this blog and I wanted to give it to you. The young woman in it is allowed (I consulted with the great karmic Gods of fate and awkwardness) to become our friend this summer when we move to Brooklyn (it's official) and Zoey can teach her how to speak Canadian and maybe even how to appropriately laugh at her own farts, like Zoey does, unless of course, like most of us, she already knows how to do that.

I've decided that I will go all the way back to Meg's first blog post (2008) and read it all from there, rather than the backwards way blogspot has us reading blogs all the time. I'm absolutely stoked to go back in time (Blogger makes an excellent time machine with absolutely no need for plutonium or a flux capacitor, which is nice) and to make a new pseudo-friend, you know the kind that the internet allows the many that we have here with Zoey's blog.

Anyway...and Saturday is off and running with some hot coffee, a lake view, a corner spot on the couch, iTunes providing a smile inducing buffet of morning music, and a New York story about a girl we don't know but kinda wish we did after reading so much.

An honest word for an honest girl....nice blog Meg. We love it! Mostly me but I'll say we to be as democratic as possible.

BTW - I can't stop listening to this song, which is nice considering we're going to stand ten feet away from her tonight at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit.

An additional BTW...Do you have any idea how absolutely over the frikkin' moon I am to be going to see this show tonight? I'd bet my feet that you have only a limited capacity to comprehend my excitement.


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