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Monday, April 26, 2010

No Sleep 'til Brooklyn...starting today

So Zo decided that today would be a nap-free exercise in endurance for both her and Grandma. After a full hour and a half of trying to convince her that sleep would be a good idea, and Zed fervently disbelieving her very loving and patient Grandma, everyone gave up.

Zo went sleepless today.

I got home in time to color, eat, help bath Zo and then by 7:30 pm that little funster was out cold. We didn't even have the chance to show her the lease for the apartment in Carroll Gardens. Yup, that's right...Brooklyn. We'll be moving out of this fun factory with a lake view, and temporarily calling Brooklyn home.

That's right...Yankees games, Mets games, Cyclones games...and a bunch of other junk. Actually it's the other "junk" that has us so excited. June is already plotting with her friend Mel, a Canadian transplant to Brooklyn, to join some parent groups and get waist deep in this thing and that...We have hopes of seeing our friend Betsy a bunch...and we have every intention of getting our fill of parks, museums, concerts, shows, shopping, etc... Zo might be fairly ambivalent with the news in the morning but she's gonna be absolutely bummed to leave Brooklyn in August.

Come visit us. I double dog dare you.

BTW...Hopefully that whole no sleep 'til Brooklyn reference is just something clever and not an actual prediction of some kind.


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