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Friday, April 16, 2010

Little girls growing bigger all the time...

Zedder in Mom's arms at Comerica Park on Opening weekend...

I got into the shower this morning and Zedder was sitting in her crib all alone reading Peter Rabbit upside down...the book, not her. I got out of the shower and standing there to great me was the cutest vision of pre-15 month old femininity that I've ever seen. There was Zo with a beret in her side parted blonde hair, a grey wool sweater tossed over a corduroy Gagu Tagu overall skirt, leggins and pink Chucks. She was smiling at me in my towel. "Daddy," she said...pointed, and then walked away. I was dripping wet and obviously drenched in affection. What a funny kid.

June was working from home today, Grandma was headed to get the brakes fixed on her car, and Grandad was on his way to pick up Zoey for an overnight at 204 Running Creek Drive. Friday nights have become Grandad and Baachan's baby thieving night and there isn't much that we can do about it. We'd be in a lot of trouble at 204 Running Creek if we didn't hand over the Zedder.

I think they'll take notice of Zed's longer legs this weekend. It looks as though she's grown even more, yes, in just a week, because her pants are all too short and her corduroy skirt looks awfully short as well. She's already half of June's height so if the old wive's tale of double the child's height at two years of age and you'll have their approximate adult height is true, well, Zoey's going to be taller than her Mom. Not exactly a difficult feat, since June is just 5'3" tall, but with Dad and Uncle Brad standing at 6'3" or so...Uncle Ian standing the same...and Aunt Netta knocking off 5'9 or 10", I think Zo better start planning on relatively long inseams and an astonishingly large amount of time in the pool or on a volleyball court. She also might want to consider the notion of wearing flats most of her life and avoiding heels unless she likes looking down at her boyfriends.

This little girl is growing up too fast.

Anyway...some links to distract me (and you) on this overcast Friday.


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