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Monday, April 26, 2010

A lesson in the "Just Ask" philosophy

Photo by Phil King, all rights reserved.

Here's a lesson for you Zo. Just ask. That's it, that's all. Be nice, be respectful, be aware of just what it is that you're asking for, and then it's simple...just ask.

Following the Corinne Bailey Rae show in Detroit I was looking for a nice pic to top off the post when I stumbled upon this great set of Rae pics over at Flickr. They were taken by a good fella named Phil King over in the UK. He's a drummer, a band manager, a photographer and father...and he's cool as hell. I told him that I liked his photos (and I did...they've got a certain intimate quality that looks both retro and "now" at the same bloody time) and I asked him if I could use one and give him credit. He just sent me back a kind email telling me to do so and also referring to Zo's blog as "wonderful." He's an alright fella with a nice eye. I wonder what his drumming is like?

Anyway, the lesson in all of this is that the world is full of wonderful people but you have to put yourself out there to meet them, you have to get burned on occasion and you have to put faith in people...and if you want something, you kind just have to ask.

Just ask Zo...people will surprise you oh-so pleasantly on many occasions. Take Phil for instance. Nice guy who takes nice photos. You can never know too many of those people.

BTW...this has to be one of favorite pics ever.


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