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Sunday, April 25, 2010

For your Sunday evening listening pleasure...

Ever heard of Raphael Saadiq? Go on and save yourself. Get some salvation at his church of awesomeness. This cat can make a music video...maybe the best music videos I've ever seen. It ain't got nuthin' to do with the Zedder but, hey man, I like soul... sue me.

I dig the whole Motown vibe he's got goin' on. I've kinda always wondered why no one ever really went back to that mine to look for leftovers. As the sixties drew to a close there wasn't but one kind of music on the radio, and that was Motown music. Foolish to think that your Mom's recipe for the best chicken pot pie you've ever eaten just doesn't work forty years later. It seems like I've been waiting all my life, or at least ever since I wore the hell out of Mom's "The Happening, album by The Supremes, for this to happen. Raphael Saadiq has got it goin' on in a big, big way.

Man, this is one bad fella. I can't get enough of this good stuff. I gotta catch this brother to.

Anyway...enjoy, and happy Sunday.


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