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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

Here are a few of my favorite things about June and Zedder...


She wakes up happy, all the time. She just wakes up and smiles, almost every day.

Her freckles, oh wow, her freckles.

The way I can be an idiot and she still loves me.

Her fascination with bags.

How she sighs when there's nothing to wear but then inevitably shrugs her shoulders and gets dressed.

The way that she cries when she watches "Parenthood" on television.

How she has her own schedule, and clocks don't mean much.

How she oves Curtis Granderson so much that she's now a Yankee fan.

She likes baseball.

She likes McDonalds cheeseburgers more than almost anything, and isn't afraid to admit it.

She drinks root beer.

How her and Zoey giggle at bedtime.

Her hair.

How excited she is to wear glasses after trying not to her whole life.

The way that she slumps when she finds failure.

She'll pick up things later...maybe.

Her shoulders. She has gymnast shoulders.

How if I'm distracted enough to forget to offer a good night kiss she comes and takes one.

Jeans are good enough.

She tries hard.

She's unaffected by others.

When she gets angry and frustrated she cries.

How she covers up her mouth in the morning 'cause she doesn't want me to smell her breath.

The way that she dances when she's excited.

How when I'm spinning out of control she just sidesteps me and keeps on keeping on.

She has absolutely the best intentions of anyone I know.

She has soft cheeks.

How she just knows when I'm going to reach out and squeeze her knee and she deflects it almost every time.

The way that her hair smells...and her skin...and her clothes.

She punches funny.

She folds things way better than I fold things.

Her first hockey game was Game #5 of the Stanley Cup, and she grinned the whole time.

How she meets famous or important people and just shrugs.

She can cross her legs crazy good...I mean crazy good.

She likes zoos.

Her eyes aren't any one color.

Her lips are practically perfect, and they get really soft when she cries. I don't understand the biology in that but it's true.

She has the best turd radar I've ever seen.

Things happen to her that NEVER EVER happen to me.

Going to get ice can take an hour.

She's got a tiny little scar on the tip of her nose.

How when she comes home from work sometimes she'll put her pajama pants on in the evening but she still has the same top on that she wore all day.

Sometimes I catch her watching me, and smiling.


Them is some serious blue eyes little girl.

The cleft in her chin.

The way that she mumbles to herself and shakes her head when something doesn't go as she planned.

Her sometimes dimples.

How she just has to shake her head if she says "no."

How she says "nope" more than just, "no."

Sometimes when she walks really fast she throws elbows.

She scrunches her nose up.

The way that her eyes disappear when she smiles.

How she says, "wow," all the time.

She can show you the exact spot of her only freckle.

She refers to the bottom of things as, "bum."

She likes to find skin on people.

The way that she looks first thing in the morning. It's so completely different than the way that she looks the rest of the day.

When her hair is brushed to the side. It's ridiculously swoon inducing.

She likes to watch other kids.

The way that she grabs your hand and makes you come with her or sit down.

She talks to herself and her stuffed animals all alone in her room.

Sometimes if you're the first into her room in the morning you'll catch her sitting up against the crib wall and reading her Peter Rabbit book...upside down. The book, not her.

She mostly ignores Dr. Suess.

She can sleep through NCAA Tournament games.

She sometimes bites her Mom's nose.

Whenever I'm getting silly she says, "Oh, Daddy."

Her toothy smile.

The way that her love of Debu borders on abuse.

How much she loves when frog or her cat turn the pages of her book.

How excited she gets to look for bunnies in her front yard.

She has her Mom's mouth and nose, even the shape of her eyes.

The sound of her feet flitting across the floor.

How she crawls up onto the couch more awkwardly than you could imagine.

The way she always wants to rub baby powder onto herself and then you.

How she'll stop and point to the sky every time she hears a plane.

She likes Comerica Park.

I can't believe how blond her hair still is.

She occasionally growls.

When she hugs you for real, not just a dismissive, because you asked hug.

Her little half grin when she's stifling a smile.

Her eyelashes are crazy long.

She looks funny in jeans.

The bracelet that she's been wearing since Hawaii.

She can show you where her elbow is and she's SO proud.

The way that she meets me at the door when I come home...more excited to show me something than to see my face.

Coloring on the floor with her.

Rubbing noses.

Saying goodnight fourteen times, and watching her smile each and every time I sneak back into her room.

How Sometimes I catch her watching me, and smiling.


Blogger kaedejune said...

You're the best we know, Brian DeWagner :)
♥ OXOXOXOXOXOXO ♥ *nose rubs and sloppy kisses*

April 28, 2010 at 10:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that little bracelet Zoey wears. I wondered where it came from and how it doesn't bother her to wear it.

April 30, 2010 at 10:31 PM  
Blogger Brian DeWagner said...

It came from the flea market out at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu...she's never bothered with it. It's adjustable so we stretch it out as she grows but she's never, ever fussed with it. Dunno?

May 1, 2010 at 9:16 AM  

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