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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easy like Sunday morning...

Zoey's busy being beautiful this morning...this awful wet, windy, weary day after Record Store Day. She's different today too. She's working hard to talk more, and she's far more animated about everything today. She's communicating, or at least working awfully hard to, this morning. We always notice the difference after a night away. Naturally, it's good for her to go and spend time away, to gather up other influences and hear other voices, see other perspectives and deal with different everything. Often when Zoey comes back from an overnight she's changed. That's was part of the whole point, I suppose.

50% - Give Mom and Dad a break
25% - Give Grandad and Baachan some uninterrupted "just us" time with the Zedder
15% - Get Zo used to being away from home, and us
10% - Give the Zed some other influences so she doesn't end up a mirror image of us

Actually, it's quite possible that the 50% and 25% items should be switched.

This morning she's finishing our sentences and chiming in with unsolicited opinions. She's been hanging out with Mom mostly (another thing we've come to expect after sleepovers) and spent some time messing around with some Cheerios and Dad on the couch. She's looking especially cheeky, a pretty little thing with a beret in her hair and a plaid shirt with jeans that could double as knickers. Some days we just look at her and swoon. It would be expected that we'd think that our own daughter is beautiful but on occasion she exceeds even our own bursting pride. Some days she's just glowing, like today.

Boring Sundays used to make me pull my hair they're just mildly frustrating with great big dollops of wonder and pride mixed in.

Wow, this is a pretty little girl. I think we're in a lot of trouble thirteen or fourteen years from now...maybe even sooner.


Blogger Beth said...

I can't believe how much like a she is starting to look like a little girl and not a baby. Amazing just since the summer. And so beautiful.

April 18, 2010 at 5:20 PM  

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