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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

While you are out getting drunk at 9 am...

There's a guy who sits right next to the door at the coffee shop I stop at each morning who looks exactly like Norman Mailer, you know, except alive. It floors me every time I see him so today I had to tell him...he looked at me and said, "Who the hell is Norman Mailer?" I stumbled on the remark but rallied with some good humor.

"He's my uncle," I said.

"Mother's or father's side," he asked. Which made absolutely no sense to me. So I stretched that hit into a double...

Neither," I jabbed on my way out the door. That bugger'll be annoyed with me tomorrow morning for sure. Serves him right...a 70 or so year old man and you don't know who Norman Mailer is. It's not like it's some obscure literary reference. The guy was as famous for punching out his wives as he was for penning pages. There's a head and ass reference here somewhere, or at least some under a rock type comment just waiting to be thrust out into the atmosphere. How does he not know who Norman Mailer is? I didn't say, "Hey buddy, you look like Sean Higgins." If he didn't get that I would totally understand. First, he's not black, and second, he's the type of guy that thinks that any sport played in shorts isn't a sport. Lastly, 9 out of 10 of you guys think I'm an idiot for making reference to Sean Higgins. I can't wait for tomorrow morning.

On a much less random and eccentric note...

I like this video.

For some reason I love this post. It's all manly and hilariously effeminate at the same time, but by today's standards only. Our grandfathers would have cared about what was on their feet.

I want to read more about Bunker Spreckels.

Uhmm, I wish so desperately that I lived in 1953 Los Angeles. Of course, then I'd only be a short four hour car ride to 1953 Las Vegas as well.

This might be one of the most bad ass rock photos ever (#5 of the 5 pics posted). I GOTTA see the new film, The Runaways, gotta.

That's about all...


Blogger kaedejune said...

I LOVE this video!!!!v=1x_vOXdqUZ8&feature=related
I don't know if this link is the same as the one you posted 'cause when I click on the one you posted it doesn't open anything for me.
I like Oliver Jeffers :)

March 17, 2010 at 4:16 PM  

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