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Saturday, March 20, 2010

We Love Our Trusty Postal Workers Around Here

Look what we got in the mail. Whoa...that's right...perforated cardboard fun tickets for an entire summer of sunshine, hot dogs, random Bergquist hook ups, and missing Curtis Granderson. Our Detroit Tigers Season Tickets arrived in the mail and I've never come as close to hugging a postal worker in my life.

We also ordered extra Tigers - Yankees tickets for Granderson's first game back in Detroit on Monday, May 11th. This is one family that was sincerely bummed out when our Centerfielder was traded away to New York, but we're rallying. It's going to be a different feel down at Comerica Park without Curtis, that's for sure. We're just happy we get to be there when he comes back.

We're kinda excited about Johnny Damon, and really curious about Austin Jackson, but we're completely befuddled when it comes to buying Zo a new Tigers tee. Her Granderson one will have to be packed away for future smiles and sighs, and a new one will have to be sussed out. We're not sure who Zo's Tiger will be this year.

I just asked June who her Tiger will be this year now that Granderson is gone and she looked like I stole away her entire family and exiled them to some distant, impossible to reach land. It seems Mom misses Granderson more than anyone.

We have a few games that we're going to be getting rid of, so if you're interested in scooping a few tickets cheap, get in touch. Our good friend Joe already grabbed most of July and August since we'll be good and gone, but there are some early and late season games up for grabs if anyone wants to inquire about them.

Now, back to that depressing chore of finding a new Tiger.


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