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Friday, March 5, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ball Game...

Spring has sprung, and this family are Detroit Tigers season ticket holders again! It's just a 27 game package, but we get some nice little perks and Zo gets to spend yet another summer at the ballpark. As crazy as it sounds to invest in a ticket package, MLB and the Detroit Tigers really do make it affordable entertainment. Each game is costing the three of us a grand total of $22 US. We'll sell a few of them off 'cause we can't go, or maybe don't want to see KC on a Wednesday night in May, but we'll keep the best of the bunch and invest in some sunscreen.

Let it snow now, I don't care. It's Spring as far as I'm concerned.

I was driving home yesterday from one of the schools I frequent and I was tuned into the Tigers - Jays broadcast from Lakeland, FL, now this ticket boon...Oh man, it's Spring despite what any calendar might say.

On maybe an even more exciting note, I discovered that the Tigers are in LA over our Victoria Day weekend (CDN stat holiday for putting up with all that Queen stuff all those years, as in Victoria, not as in drag) and a flight/hotel combo to scoot out and catch four of five days of LA sun and some Dodgers-Tigers action in Chavez Ravine would run us just on the high side of $400. That just might be another deal that gets sealed in the coming week or two.

Wow, talk about a rally when you need one. Despite my felony conversation with a young scared (lying, stealing, using) accused oxy dealer this morning the afternoon turned amazing. He's going to jail, saving many of your friends and family member's children from potential harm, and I'm going to Comerica Park, maybe even LA if I'm lucky. Done and done. All that and the sky is blue, the temps are rising, and I'm leaving this heartless office in less than 60 minutes. The only bummer is that Zoey is at Baachan and Grandad's tonight, and we won't see her smiling, smooching face until tomorrow. Bummer for us, but I'll bet Baachan is doing backflips...Grandad too.


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