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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sketching out a perfect day...

Zoey enjoying a bean bag chair that isn't hers.

After we stole our daughter back from the loving clutches of Baachan, we made a straight shot for the bookstore for an afternoon of playing with things that we had no intention of buying. Zedder loves the bookstore, especially now that bookstores sell everything but books, it's one of her favorite places. Not so strangely, it's always been one of Dad's favorites too.

Zedder and Dad doing some Saturday sketching on the couch

It was an amazing day full of blue skies and empty roads, brand new toy maracas, an empty handed search for Oliver Jeffers new book, and some Saturday sofa sketching. Zedder is getting better and better with a pencil and, well, Dad is too. He even got some semblance of a grip on that illusive story line for the illusive, Heart on my Sleeve project. Days could be better, but there are plenty worse too. Now cross your fingers that sun keeps shining. Daddy wants to wear shorts.

Found this great book today...Petit, the Monster by Isol. She's this really great Argentinian illustrator and author, certainly one you should be paying attention to. I am.


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