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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pearl Jam for Breakfast...then again later

We woke up this Saturday with nothing more on the agenda than relaxing, doing whatever the schmank we want, and waiting for Pearl Jam on SNL tonight. We typically don't organize our lives around the television but this is Pearl Jam. If we missed it we'd have to give up our Ten Club membership and probably go to confession or somethin' know, if we did that sort of thing.

So the first thing we did was get Zed all decked out in her best PJ onzie, then we snapped some pics and started making plans for what we'd do to kill some time before Eddie started wailing into the mic on the soundstage at 30 Rockefeller Plaza later tonight. We figured we were also obligated to send a copy of the pics to our good friend Colin, whose blood pressure actually spikes and fades to the beat of Matt Cameron's drums. After, empty Saturday...we can do whatever we want.

Maybe we'll rob a bank, or get Zoey a tattoo or somethin'? Or maybe we'll just stay home and practice swear words. Either way, there's a lot of time to waste before it's 11:30 pm.


Blogger grizaham said...

Love that onesie.. Probably gonna put one in the basket along with Indy tickets today. Got my first on the way in Aug.. Cant wait for both! haha
Fellow PJ'er from Nashville.

March 15, 2010 at 1:20 PM  

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