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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Newest Emphatic Phenomenon in Zedderburg

Zoey has somehow figured out how to say, "no way," and she's saying it often. We're blaming Grandma and her habit of teasing her with, "no way Jose." She has trouble with the Hispanic part of that phrase. I suppose she's just 14 months old so a poor understanding of Spanish is completely understandable. We are, however, aghast at her ability to place the phrase in perfect context.

She's also gotten quite good at:

- laying on the floor and playing with ladybugs
- pretending that her stuffed animals are real
- scrubbing herself in the tub
- eating with utensils
- spotting bunnies in the yard
- using the television remote
- putting her own baby powder on
- abusing Debu beyond his tolerance
- brushing her teeth
- crawling up onto the couch
- the physical attributes of magnets
- talking on the telephone
- scrubbing floors
- picking up after herself

She can do other things one handed push-ups, and fantasy baseball. She can also read the same book two hundred and seventy times without flinching. Impressive.


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