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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mo Teef... and a lot of stupid rambling

I know a little girl who just got her ninth tooth and is staring molars right in the mouth...kinda literally. Well, not really staring them in the mouth 'cause it's her mouth that has them primed to bust through the skin and make dinner an entirely different experience from this day forward. That's right, Zedder's growing herself some more teeth.

We can tell 'cause she occasionally sucks right now...not on anything in particular, that's just a general behavioural observation, which is actually completey untrue. Zo is pretty much a smiley, happy funsterm approx. 90% of the time. She is indeed getting more teeth, but she doesn't suck...not even a little.

BTW...this might be the cutest picture ever known to mankind...maybe. We have to carbon date it, which will be the only dating this little girl will ever do, just to be clear.

Also, I've recently thrown the gauntlet down at my friend Johnny Twothings to make me more Canadian, without me having to wear an actual lumber jacket. Growing up on the border like I did, all I really know is that Canada is a constitutional monarchy, which technically means we have to obey the Queen if she orders us to do something. It’s mainly a symbolic thing though, as she rarely exercises the privilege. I think the last time was in 1978 when she ordered us to execute Gordon Lightfoot. We didn't. We would, however, be willing to sacrifice Steven Page...every single member of Nickelback as well...and Loverboy. Maybe Shania Twain too, and for sure Celine Dion. Not Anne Murray though, never Anne Murray.

What the hell did I start this blog post about anyway? Does anyone remember?


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