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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Little Zedder Blue Eyes...

Today while I was driving with the Zed I looked in the rear view and caught her staring at me. She was grinning this giant grin and if I thought I was familiar with the feeling of melting before I wasn't. I asked her, "What are you looking at?" and she grinned wide and ducked her head shyly. I think she likes me.

So far there's really only been a few things that she can absolutely slay me with...

Her eyes... kind of an obvious weapon but one that I regularly underestimate.

Tears... they bubble up so fast and pour out of her eyes and she makes it look as though the whole world is upside down. I can't stand it.

Her mouth... she doesn't have to smile or anything. She's got her Mom's mouth and just the sight of it makes me smile.

Pleeease... Zoey's learned sign language and she's pretty good at using it discriminately so when she does sign 'please' we know she means it. She signs so urgently too that you can't help but swoon a little.

Her head on my shoulder... When Zed's really upset she'll bury her head into my neck and shoulder and I can feel her tears through my shirt. It makes my heart hurt.

Closer... Sometimes Zo can't get close enough. She'd crawl inside of your skin if she could, and other times she just wants to brush her cheek up against yours, or maybe lay her head on you. It makes me a little weak.

The sadness... When Zoey isn't smiling she can just look so down and out. She's usually just tired, but when she's sitting still and quietly, and when her beautiful little mouth isn't turned upward, she just looks so sad.

Good morning... The look of surprise on her face when you poke your head into her room and say good morning is enough to send you reeling for a heart transplant.

This little girl is going to be the absolute death of me.


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