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Monday, March 15, 2010

I know why the caged bird sings...

This is the face I came home to today...sweet slathered liberally with cute. Usually I'm in a pretty decent sized rush to get home and this is why. Occasionally I linger over this task or that one but more often than not I'm scooting for the door and finding the shortest route home.

Today I kind of lingered. It was a good day, full of easy hours, a nice visit to youth probation and a reminder why what I get to do every day is pretty cool, a potential job offer of, for me what amounts to a staggering amount of loot, but also semi-staggering being on the other side of the country. I also received notice that McMaster University is willing to tolerate me for the Spring semester and further, so that's pretty cool. I also found the time today (it is March Break after all) to slap together a schedule of my next few months so that:

a) I won't ever be as bored as I was this past weekend, and numerous other undocumented weekends.

b) I don't double book myself, or happen to find myself with a weekend with nothing to do but watch Tom Waits on YouTube

It's starting to look pretty full, which is wildly encouraging after the winter of our discontent. The Spring is looking good with a Norah Jones show, Train at The Phoenix, North America's largest Gang Summit and Conference in Toronto, Tegan and Sara at the Royal Oak Music Theater, Tigers Opening Day, the Michigan Spring Football Game, Corinne Bailey Rae at St. Andrews Hall, Curtis Granderson's return to Detroit with the NY Yankees, an LA road trip to see the Tigers and Dodgers in Chavez Ravine, Dave Matthews Band in Toronto...etc...awesome etc...

Not a bad lookin' schedule huh? And the summer concert schedule hasn't even been released...and that's not including our 6 week summer bail out, or a potential trip to Fenway Park. I know you're thinking that this doesn't sound at all like a man who's given up on sports but trust me when I tell you that this is a near hunger strike for me in sports terms. It used to be much, much worse...much...much worse. My heart used to beat in perfect rhythm with the Sportscenter intro.


I wonder if McMaster really knows what kind of idiot they just opened the gate to? Probably not. Now...any ideas for Easter?

NOTE: I just reviewed the schedule as it's drawn up and it seems that we have only four completely free weekends between now and December. Grandma laughed at me because I debated as to whether or not a Sunday baseball game in Detroit counts as a free weekend. I feel as though it kinda does. She thinks that's funny.


Blogger John Teeter said...

You should try and make it to London the weekend of July 16-18 for Home County Folk Festival. Great Lake Swimmers, Old Man Luedecke, Buck 65, Bruce Cockburn, Meaghan Smith… to name a few. Plus some others I can't say just yet. Gonna be a great weekend of free music.

Plus… I will be there too!

March 16, 2010 at 8:01 AM  
Blogger Brian DeWagner said...

I'd love that but we'll likely be good and gone by that time. Same deal as last

March 16, 2010 at 8:42 AM  

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