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Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Fairly Serendipitous Discovery...

Tonight, while waiting for CTV to broadcast the film "Serendipity" at 9pm (one of my all time favorite films...a guy film in disguise, if you're paying attention to John Cusack and Jeremy Piven's relationship and exploits...I love it) I stumbled into the season two of Elvis Costello's SPECTACLE...and I discovered Jesse Winchester. Now I love Jesse Winchester too.

Who is this lucky target of my newfound affection? He's a musician, but not just any musician. There's a pretty heavy story attached to this particular musician.

After getting his draft notice in 1967 Jesse Winchester fled to Canada, refusing to take part in the Vietnam war. In 1969 he met Robbie Robertson of “The Band” who helped him record his first album released in 1970. Many consider that first album to be a masterpiece with songs like “Yankee Lady” and “Brand New Tennessee Waltz” among many great compositions. (Bernie Taupin once said that his big regret was that he did not write “Brand New Tennessee Waltz.”) Jesse lost a lot of his recording career because of his sojourn in Canada, but finally returned for concerts and recording sessions under the amnesty program. Many people consider Jesse Winchester to be one of the greatest songwriters alive today, now I do too.

Here he is performing on Elvis Costello's Spectacle...

Anyone that can make Neko Case cry just by singing is alright by me. It's gotta be one helluva song.

Now I have to go 'cause Serendipity is starting...and I need to go cling to the ups and downs of Jonathan Trager.


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