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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Dude abides, let's hope Zoey doesn't...not always

Jeff Bridges takes home the Best Actor Award at this years Oscars

Parenthood wears you out, so much so that I missed one of my most favorite actors ever taking home the Oscar for Best Actor 40 years after his very first nomination. Nice work fatigue. You robbed me of seeing The Dude walk off the stage with Oscar in tow. Damn you.

Zoey couldn't have cared less about the Oscars. To be perfectly honest, she couldn't care less about a lot of things, except for buttered raisin bread toast, her Mom, Mathilda, and the Backyardigans. There isn't much for a kid in all this Oscar stuff anyway. She wouldhave enjoyed seeing my elation at jeff Bridges win though...I would have enjoyed seeing my elation at Jeff Bridges win. Instead we were both deep in slumber, she, dreaming of, dreaming of riding in a cab with some homeless guy. Don't ask. Despite Oscar's lack of appeal for the pre-Kindergarden set, there were some Zedder references throughout the early evening though...

Tonight I heard Sandra Bullock tell a story about how when she was a child her mother begged her to be different than the rest. Both her mother and her father were creative sorts, to say the least, and appreciated the value of individuality. It's important stuff -- do your own thing -- and so she worked hard her whole life to not do what others were doing, you know, within reason and respectfully so. I liked that story, and I thought of Zo immediately after. Be yourself, that's a good mantra to make your child familiar with. The urge to be otherwise is perhaps the most ubiquitous urge on the planet. Something like that takes reminding and encouraging, I'm sure. More imporantly, I suppose it takes an example. That might explain a lot that is yet to come in our lives.

We're acutely aware of the little eyes that are watching, and we're constantly doing our best, or at least trying our best, to respect that. She will be be who we are, and then some. The least that we can do is take care of the us part.

The Dude abides, I just hope Zoey doesn't, not always.


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