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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cupcakes, no matter how cool, are bad at bedtime

Cupcakes at 6 pm are a bad idea, at least if your total body mass is less than 25lbs and you have to go to bed in two hours, in which case it's a very bad idea. Zoey cried herself to sleep last night because she really didn't want to go. She still had sugar pumping through her veins. She still wanted to talk to her stuffed animals and play with Mom and Dad's feet. She was jonesing for more cupcake.

Just a few days ago we purchased a couple of cupcakes for Zoey to give Grandma on her birthday, one for Grandma, naturally, and one for Zedder...naturally. They were these wicked awesome Sesame Street cupcakes, an Elmo and a Cookie Monster, and we had to buy them. We were so excited at the prospect of showing both Grandma and Zoey that we forgot to give them to either. We shamefully marched them out a full day later and suffice it to say, Grnadma never got a hand on one. Zoey settled back into her high chair after dinner and tore into them. It was so cute we couldn't even stop her. She was talking to them, kissing them, and then finally ripping their heads off and digging right into them. Apparently being her friend means your not above fulfilling her needs, at least if you're Elmo and Cookie Monster.

Zo started off gently, perhaps a little hesitant since she'd never seen a cupcake with eyes before, but it didn't take long before she got a little whacko and ripped into the sugary skulls of her sunny day friends. Once she tasted icing the animal in her took over and Elmo and Cookie Monster were done. She started with the cake...

but by the time that she was finished with all that chocolate and vanilla goodness she was knuckle deep in the icing that comprised the puppets heads. Not much mercy in a sugar soaked mind...not much guilt or trepidation either. Just keep your hands to yourself and watch Zo turn into something unfamiliar and unpleasant...funny, sure, but frightening all the same.

If we were even remotely capable of keeping all joking to a minimum we'd say that she was quite well behaved, tackled the sugary wonderfulness of the moment with quite a lot of restraint and dignity and was nowhere near the little monster that I'm making her out to be. It was actually one of the cutest things I've ever seen, and I've seen piles of cute in my life...that's right, piles of it. Regardless, giving your daughter that much sugar that late into the evening is nothing but trouble no matter how cute she gets. Parenting lesson #217 - Easy on the sugar there Willy Wonka, it's a bad idea 8 times out of 10...the other two times it's just a mildly stupid one.


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