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Monday, March 22, 2010

...but whenever Monday comes.

I drove an hour this morning to get stood up by a kid who flat out needs a lawyer...not me...a lawyer. Then I shot back that same hour to meet with someone who could have solicited my help over the phone, but didn't, instead, they opted to eat up a twenty-five minute hole in the middle of my day immediately after the perviously mentioned sixty minute drive.

It seems as though I'm being paid to drive today.

It's obviously Monday...I am le tired, I'm pretty sure I have two different socks on, and Zoey said goodbye to me this morning without even the slightest hesitation or trepidation. She flat out didn't care. I've accomplished very little but have somehow managed to be paid quite a lot, and when I do the ledger at the end of the day I won't be so cool with that. All of that bunk and I can't seem to find a Wrigley weekend out of the whole summer.

"...but whenever Monday comes..."

Mama Cass was a smart lady who could not only harmonize pretty damn good, but she could also articulate the way Mondays feel without peer.

Good thing there's Norah Jones to ease my pain tonight. Sadly, it's nothing more than a drive-by. I'd like to call my friend Johnny Teetottaler up and connect with that fella while I'm in the city but we'll get there jsut in time, and leave as soon as we can since Daddy's gotta be on a train for Toronto at 6:40am tomorrow. It must be Monday.

On a more positive note, I've recieved several emails wondering what got into me with that "Anger" post which was a lot of fun. Nuthin' got into me really. It was just fun to type.'s a pretty funny photo of a kitten...and here's an even more funny one. Get back to work people.


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