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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Two smooches times twenty...

This morning Zedder walked me to the door and offered up a giant smooch right before I left the house...two, in fact. One while I was putting on my shoes, and the other right before I exited stage left. She stood there and watched me leaving, not upset at all, or even confused, just seeing me off. I kinda like that kid.

Grandma must have caught whatever hurl-inducing bug that Zo had because she spent half the night shivering and shaking, barfing and, well, you know...not enjoying a peaceful sleep. She woke up fine though, just like Zo, and now those two are teaming up to face another day of late winter confinement along the lake. They're know, when they're not blowing chunks.

It reminds me how lucky we are to have Grandma and Baachan lining up for Zo time like they were overnighting for Springsteen tickets. We've been uber-fortunate in that they've made our lives seamless and muchmore than manageable. We owe them big time, although I think they'd swim across the Indian Ocean for a chance to wink at Zed. Grandad gets his loafers all backwards when it comes to Zo too and it's pretty cute, only in a really manly way, none of that maternal freak out stuff, just love and fun.

That's what this whole endeavor has and fun...chuck in some hard work and learning and fatigue, but all of those things are overwhelmed by the fun and love junk. June's walked me to the door a million times, and she's kissed me once or twice on my way out the door, but this morning I stepped into today feeling about twenty feet tall, 'cause that's how tall I was in the eyes of that little girl standing there at the safety gate.

I hope everyone's Thursday is graced with some twenty feet tall stuff today...dunno how you'll get it but I hope you get it. I wanna stare into people's eyes today, not look down to find them. I'd like some company to share all this confidence.

I'll do my best to try and help. Ask yourself who the coolest person in the world is and then click on this.

Fun huh? How you feelin' now?


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