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Friday, February 19, 2010

Thus far 2010 is a bloody great year

The year has started off first rate, even the smallest of distractions have gone my way and now it continues with Winter slowly fading into Spring and some serious live show luck.

Both June and I are your generic, run of the mill, everything and anything music ingesters -- I kinda like that word...ingesters...I need to remember that one -- and can flip between Erik B and Rakim right on over to Chet Baker in two shakes of a maraca, so it's no real surprise to see us waiting in line for a basement bar or at a stadium gate. We're typically good to go as long as the music's good. Well, good it is as 2010 begins to get a little older...we've got Tegan and Sara coming up quick...Norah Jones Corinne Bailey Rae at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit. Jesuth H. Whatchamahooey! In the parlance of Belinda Carlisle and co. "we've got the beat."

We're both awfully stoked for the summer concert season as well. It'll give us a chance to bust out the blanket and let Zo crawl around amidst all those good vibes. Just thinking about that reminds me of the Wednesday night concert series at the Zoo in Waikiki and I'm pining for some good island eats and about a million little friends for Zo to be distracted with while Jake Shimabukuro plunks his little heart away in the background. Le sigh. Since there are no summer plans stuck in our heads as of yet I won't rule O'ahu out and a return to the scene of so many beautiful crimes from last August. I would like to fall asleep in the shade of a tree in Kuhio Beach Park right now...that is, if I wasn't stuck here at work...if time, space and money were no object...and, of course, if you could promise me that no homeless dude would pooch my personal space and mussy up my nostrils with that ripe body odour/vodka combo. If all of that could happen then I'd be snoring by now. Since it can't I'll just continue on with my excitement after scoring Corinne Bailey Rae tickets.

Carry on.


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