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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ten Things That Makes me Happy...

A few days ago my friend Beth handed off a task for me to tackle...I need to list ten things that make me happy. It's interesting timing because recently I've be re-evaluating what actually does make me happy. I couldn't even begin to explain how lengthy that conversation could be, so I won't even try. I suppose it's easy enough to say that I've lost a lot of years to a lot of things that upon closer inspection were more distractions than timely indulgences. I'm busy getting back to the guy I was before I got so busy being the guy everyone thought I was or thought I should be. A beautiful little girl who looks at her Dad in such a different way than she looks at her Mom, and it's noticeable -- June catches her drinking me in all the time -- is enough to inspire you to shake off all of the falsely defining characteristics that have been loosely attached to you, and proudly show off the ones that are stuck firm to you but have been obscured across years of sticking new things on.

I'm getting back to my basics and I feel better than I have in a hundred and fifty years. I'm reading more, writing more, sketching more, making much bigger plans and probably surprising the hell out of dozens of people.

Regardless, the timing of Beth's request to list ten things that make me happy couldn't have come at a more curious time.

Top Ten Things That Make Me Happy - February 2010 (in no particular order)

1. Watching my wife and daughter when they don't know that I'm watching.

2. Those moments when Zo is eager to show her affection...a hug or kiss...even just a head on my shoulder.

3. June's patience, affection, and trust

4. The Zoey Blog

5. Planning adventures and escapes

6. Silence

7. Sketching

8. The three or four minutes before I drift off to asleep.

9. Finding inspiration and perspective in strangers.

10. Back scratches.


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