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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Soaking Up Zed, An Exercise in Excess

Blue eyes and red crayons...

It's pretty easy to drink up this little girl in great big giant gulps. She's a bit addictive, and of course, she's supposed to be...I'm her Dad. Even if we excluded that conspicuous fact, she's still a pretty damn fun kid. I've grown especially fond of her little gap toothed smile, and the way that she takes in everything that you say with a curious intensity. She's learning all of the time, like any child, but if you're paying attention you can watch the wheels turning in her head and on her face.

Zoey and June coloring in the kitchen...mostly the book gets colored, sometimes the floor

And so I do my best to absorb every little bit of Zo...every little giggle, every furrowed brow, every glance in search of approval, every tug at my hand to come see. I soak up all of her favorite things, like dancing in circles, side-stepping across the kitchen floor, wiping the fog from the living room windows, and swimming in the bathtub. I can't get enough of how she drags Mathilda around, and how she kisses almost everything...the way that she smells the flowers that Daddy brings home, and how she always wants the ceiling fan to be spinning...the way that she finds ladybugs everywhere, and the little gasp that she exhales whenever she's excited.

It's pretty easy to find a kind of sustenance in every single thing she does.


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