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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sleep least try to sleep tight

A sleeping Brian, rocket ship pajamas and all...

I used to sleep like this...not anymore, and sadly Zoey's not to blame, not typically. Somehow (not a difficult equation) I've developed a pretty solid case of stress. Blame it on the day job with a hefty chunk of ownership on the personality and the values system. I take a lot on, personally and emotionally it seems, and I've got to stop. My blood pressure is through the roof, I feel like hell half the time. I'm constantly feeling as though I need a break...but now even the breaks aren't long enough to ease me off those heart thumping ledges...figurative ledges folks, not literal. I'm not that far gone. I need a combo prescription of rest and relaxation, a new ability to shut things off and to avoid helping other people with their baggage, and an outlet that's more healthy than what I've got. Sitting around typing and sketching just doesn't cut it from a physician's standpoint.

I've been proactive because, well, I think I've got a head on my shoulders and I'm smart enough to know what I need, when I need it...most of the time anyway. I've gotten back to some basics. I'm eating better. I've committed myself to a better exercise routine, and I'm saying #$%^ it a lot more lately. I'm doing my best to make sure that those places where I do pile my anxiety and affection are worthy of them both, and spectator sports isn't one of those places. I don't need one game playoffs to reach the post season and the catatonic distress that follows. I'm aware that I need to cultivate some friendships that give back to me in great big heaping doses...flippant and fickle friendships only hurt my head. I need people who want to spend time with me...and vice versa. I'm getting better at that, but not finding it reciprocated as much as I'd like. Part of my re-evaluation of priorities I suppose. When one spends half his life in stadium seats and/or press boxes rather than in those places he might better be it's difficult to round up a friend to go to the art gallery...very difficult.

I sleep okay, but as is evident with my 4am typing, it could be better. I could go on and on but then that's not much of a healthy alternative, is it? Nope.

Like Bowie them every day. Now I just need to find some sleep and lose this headache. Life's too short, and I want to sleep like that little kid again.


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