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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh Canada...Keep on keepin' on 'til Zo's ready to give'r too

Canada put the smack down on Russia tonight, 7-3, which got us all smiling around here, and then our women's bobsledders scooped up Gold and Silver medals...It's been a fun night of Olympic coverage here on the edge of the lake.

I dunno why we're not out in Vancouver celebrating these games with Aunt Netta and the rest of the world...the fact is it never even crossed our minds, which is absolutely embarrassing. I can't believe we never even considered it. Turds, both of us. I guess the best that we can do now is buy some Olympic gear and hope for a Gold Medal hockey game...

What fun stuff these games have been. Watching the Canadian and American women's bobsled teams celebrate their medals on the podium tonight reminds me how much more fun girls have in these eye of the tiger bullsh!t, no poor sportsmanship crapola....just smiles and fun. I've gained a new and improved affinity for women's sports, and I already had a pretty damn respectable affection for them...courtside seats at Madison Square Garden a few years ago for the NY Liberty and Detroit Shock Playoff game was enough to win me over for life. Now, seeing these girls atop the podium I'm reminded that this stuff is fun and friendly, or it should be. U can't wait to watch in her first Olympics...what? It'll happen...Winter Games 2030, in Denver. I just made that up. I don't know if they'll be in Denver.

Oh Canada on this wonderful the words of Bob and Doug Mackenzie, "It's been a beauty."


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