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Monday, February 15, 2010

A few old photos...and a buttload of new ones

My brother, Brad, Mom, and myself at the beach. How cool is Mom?

This is me when I was a kid...not a whole lot older than Zo...maybe four or five years old here, so 1975 or '76, I think? I'm on the right, looking like I just sat on a clam. My brother Brad is on the right, pretending to be a pirate. Check out Mom too, looking crazy stylish for a random July day at the beach, she's even sporting a wicker purse back behind her there on the sand. High fashion for a Lake Huron Saturday.

I had to pinch this photo from a frame I gave to my Mom one Mother's Day. We don't have a brazilian photos from when we were little, and of the ones that we do have I like this one best. A close second is this one...

Brad, Mom and I roasting some marshmallows over the campfire.

My Dad has a lot of pics somewhere packed away in long lost boxes full of slides. Apparently putting your photos on slides was a big deal back then? I dunno? Sounds like a hugenormous pain in the butt to me but whatever. If it was all the rage then I suppose you do what you do. Someday we'll think Flickr and Photo Bucket were ridiculous. All I know is that there aren't many photos floating around the drawers of my family's desks, and in contrast Zoey has enough photos of herself to rival the entire Annie Lebowitz collection already... and she's only thirteen months old. It's ridiculous.

Eventually, we'll put together more photos of both June and I so that we can compare the Zedder's good looks to our own hopelessly average ones. Keep an eye out...June will be the cute one...


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