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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Love You Stinky Face, even if you do resemble a Mexican wrestler

The first package in Zoey and Noah's Book Exchange...from ZO to NO, Feb 1, 2010

We sent our friends Adam and Chantelle a package for their son Noah, and this is what the bugger looked like after Daddy got through with it. It couldn't be just another package drfiting through Canada had to gussy it up a little with his version of Adam, if he were five inches taller and approx. 105 lbs bigger...oh, and a Mexican wrestler named Chico Burrito aka Mucho Importante. I know, I know...don't ask.

The plan is this...each month we're mailing books back and forth...alternating brand new ones with books on loan from each funster. We'll make notes in the books and so a billion years later they can read the notes and think, "Wow, were my parents ever losers." We'll just nod and hold back their college money.

So Zo's package to Noah went off last week and this was what we got today...

Zoey's first Canada Post pick-up notice. I hope she's got ID to pick it up.

So we were super stoked to scoop up Noah's return package only to discover that the wonderful little brat sent Zo not only a book but a whole box full of craft supplies. Now by "little brat" we mean Chantelle, 'cause Noah just doesn't seem like the crafty type, unless of course, we're talking about his slippery moves on the base paths, then of course, he's awfully crafty. The box of goodies was full of gimp (which I just love saying out loud), about a million pipe cleaners, a jar of buttons, a jar of googly eyes, and a jar of beads...some sparkly glue stuff, and a couple of fancy schamncy glimmery heart thingys. Zo loved all of it and wanted it all on her lap the minute we opened it up. She settled for just the book in the end.

And this is Zo's first book from Noah..."I Love You Stinky Face"

The book that Noah sent with the help of 'Telle and Adam, was Lisa McCourt's I Love You Stinky Face...a real beauty, and Zo was really into it from the minute we opened it up. I think that this is gonna be the start of something wicked fun...for us. Who cares what the kids think.


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