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Friday, February 19, 2010

Distressful Gender Discrimmination at Subway

Random comment to the lady...ahem, Sandwich Artist, at the Subway on Cathcart Rd. near my work...

Men can and do order footlong veggie subs on wheat despite your assertion that it seemed "awfully girly." You are, however, correct M'am, a sandwich most definately reveals a person's sexuality, at least much more accurately than your Joe Average methods of completely inappropriate gender stereotyping.

Are you kidding me? Turd.

Next time I'll order a triple steak sandwich, no bread...just pile it steaming into my bare hand, you know, if that's more manly. While you're at it I'll also take a side order of strippers with some Monday Night Football thrown in there, and a Hemi, perhaps, maybe with three on the tree just for good measure. If you've got a Nickleback CD then I'll take that too.

I'm officially boycotting Abi at the Subway down the street from my office. She's on double secret probation now and I don't #$%& around with double secret probation. I'm serious about that @#$%. She's lucky I didn't order a wrap.


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