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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cupcake Butt and the Rash Police...not your average security team

Dad's latest purchase, Zo's new cupcake pajamas...deeeliciously cute

Babies get rashes. It's kinda standard, you know, goes with the territory of sitting in your own pee. We've been lucky 'cause Zo's pretty much kept her tiny little bottom free from painful red rash type junk...until now. She's got no worries at all but she does have a slightly red little backyard and so we've been medicating it up, bathing her, and giving her lots of naked time...which, BTW, should be more of a priority for us adults...I'm just sayin'.

Zedder and her new good friend, Piggy...Gerald needs to find a new buddy, it seems.

She's been awfully sweet about it all, certainly more sweet than I'd be with a red bumpy bum. She laughs and she plays and she runs around like a tool (but the best tool in the toolbox), so we think she's alright. Rashes just look so nasty. I mean cringe nasty, and this one is the slightest little red thing...but still, enough to make me wet myself and cry for awhile. I shudder...

Rarrr and Barry Dingle make up the illustrious Rash Police...emergency tactical unit

It's a good thing we enlisted the Rash Police, or as June likes to call them, the Arse Cops(see above)...actually June doesn't call them that. I just made that up. Regardless, they're committed and we appreciate their diligence. I know at first glance it just looks like Rarrrr and Barry Dingle, but they've morphed into some serious rectal detectives and we feel confident that the case is getting a lot of attention.


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