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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Benefits of Sick...

If you've never been up in the mountains above Malibu then you're robbing yourself of one of the best,most breathtaking views on the planet. June and I stumbled into it one time trying to cut back over to Malibu from Thousand Oaks and we were mesmerized. Our California was so typically staring up at those mountains, not down from them. I have dreams about that view.

In searching for a few photos from Decker Canyon Rd. etc...I stumbled upon this guy's photo archive of his travels with his 2006 Eagle FWC camper trailer. It's mounted on a 2002 Toyota Double Cab Tacoma Limited 4x4 so the bugger could get in and out of all of the places he wandered. Wow, you really need to check out these photos and then sit down to re-evaluate your life. I want one 365 day stretch of this kind of wonder and wandering, just one, that's all I need. Well, I say that but I probably don't mean it. I could have a lifetime of it.

I've spent the day in and out of nausea and looking in on heart warming dreams. Sure I'm sick, but if I hadn't gotten sick I'd have never found these photos.

I think I'd like to save some loot and disappear for a year or so...I'd settle for six months. I could lay down with my wife and child with these views rocking us to sleep, easy peasy.


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